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Antiracism 101

for White Women

live Zoom course for 28 women
facilitated by Jessica Havens & Amber Kim, Ph.D.
Tues/Thurs, May 18 - June 22
5:30-7:00pm MST

Begin Your Antiracism Journey

This 9-session introductory course dives deeply into the topics of race, identity, and racism. It allows White women to process feelings of guilt and fear and replace them with the knowledge, language and critical lens needed for antiracism. It fundamentally shifts how White women move through this world in personal, collective and systemic ways. This course is the start of a lifelong commitment to antiracism. View course calendar & topics.


This course asks you to engage through multimedia content, thoughtful discussion prompts, readings and weekly homework (2 hrs/wk).  The course sessions are live via Zoom. Space is limited to provide high quality instruction and meaningful interactions.


Course Logistics

WHERE: Live via Zoom


WHEN: Tuesday / Thursday evenings 

DATES: May 18 - June 17  *View calendar

TIME: 5:30pm-7:00pm MST

SIZE: Space is limited to 28 to provide high quality instruction and meaningful interactions

COST: $595 (Bring-a-friend $100 discount)


REQUIRED TEXT: Racial Healing Handbook* by Anneliese A. Singh.

As part of this course, you will receive:

  • Expert facilitation and coaching

  • Access to office hours (exclusively for course participants)

  • A cohort of women learning and growing together

  • Certificate of Completion for 13.5 contact hours


*Consider buying the book from a Black-owned bookstore. Click here to order it from Colorado’s only Black-owned bookstore, Matter. Click here to find a national list of Black-owned bookstores by state.

After this course you will:

  • Articulate an interconnected understanding of your own racial identity.

  • Gain fluency with vocabulary regarding race, White identity, racism, and antiracism.

  • Observe “hidden” racism all around you including micro-aggressions.

  • Understand how systemic racism functions and how it impacts and involves you.

  • Distinguish between "not-racist" and "anti-racist" and evaluate your actions.

"Antiracism 101 for white women is exactly what I needed to further help me understand what it really means to be anti-racist, versus just telling others I am not racist. As a white person in America, I know that comes with certain privileges. I realize I’m very late to contribute to racial change that is desperately needed. In a safe environment, this course helped me realize my own ignorance and biases. Moving forward, I will intentionally be more aware of racism, anti racism, and equity always." -Jillian Mackey, Middle School Math Teacher

"This course has been an instrumental stop on my journey to educate myself more about DEI, and become an active Anti-Racist both personally & professionally.  Jessica guided us through so many amazing topics and I feel like the formatting allowed the participants to really become closer and learn from one another, as well as the book and the facilitation. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on equity, learn next steps in the fight against racism or wanting to expand their personal growth."

-Kelly C, Manager, Teach for America Colorado



Price for the course: $595

*Bring-a-friend discount of $100

Jessica Havens, M.A.

Jessica is a long-time Educator and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Consultant. In her 15 years as an educator, she has worked in a myriad of roles: high school teacher, youth program facilitator, university adjunct professor, school administrator and institutional DEI consultant and strategist.  In 2012, she received her M.A. in Women and Gender Studies from DePaul University in Chicago with a focus on both anti-racist white identity development and the intersections of race and gender. Jessica has a deep expertise in equity, diversity and inclusion issues, from the personal to the political to the professional. She brings a strong intersectional lens to all of her work, helping people think holistically about how identity (race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, ability) impacts how we see and move through the world. Outside of consulting, she runs an online t-shirt company ( and loves dancing, travel and stand-up comedy. To learn more about her consulting work, visit:

Amber Kim, Ph.D.

Amber K. Kim earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver in 2012 with a focus on Urban Education and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Amber currently plays two professional roles: 1.) She is an education consultant committed to developing equity literacy in educators and students. She partners to create educational environments and organizations that resist harm, fight oppression, and strengthen and nourish all staff and the people they serve--particularly those who are marginalized. 2.) Amber teaches math at the Community College of Denver. There she tries to walk her equity talk by creating a justice-orientated math classroom for first generation college students. Amber taught secondary school for ten years in three cities—Plainfield, Atlanta, and Denver and at the University of Colorado (Denver and Boulder). She is an amateur Muay Thai kick boxer and a mother of three children, three cats, and a hamster.


POC Accountability


10% of proceeds will be given to The Innocence Project

(Previous cohort donation: Colorado Freedom Fund -

The following professionals were hired to provide consultation and services:

Stacey Gibbons, M.A. - Curriculum consultant for course

Transform the Collective, Founder and Lead Consultant

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Blake Jackson - Photographer for course website     IG @jake_blackson

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