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Amber K. Kim partners to create schools, organizations, and companies that eliminate inequity and strengthen and nourish all staff and the people they serve--particularly those who are marginalized, excluded, and suffer discrimination. 

She is a consultant who specializes in developing equity literate educators, mental health/medical providers, and other professionals who can see oppression in current systems, practices, and policies, respond to these inequities and micro-aggressions, and then effectively redress inequities resulting in an environment that is just. Simply put, Amber helps you and your team create and maintain anti-oppressive environments through:

  • quantitatively assessing individual and group levels of intercultural competence  

  • evaluating current systems, practices, and policies for micro-aggressions and oppression

  • providing professional development and individual coaching to understand privilege and oppression in self, others, and systems

  • facilitating strategic planning and initiate action

  • speaking at large group events

Amber is also committed to developing equity literate children who can see injustice, speak back to it, and fight for change in meaningful ways. This is done by working directly with children, their parents, and their educators. She facilitates family workshops and seminars for teachers and administrators. As a certified teacher, Amber can plan and/or teach classroom lessons for kids ages 5 to 17. She also gives keynote addresses at education conferences and events. Topics and titles include:

  • Equity Literacy for Young Kids: See, Say, Do

  • NOT MY KID!: How to Raise Anti-Racist and Anti-Sexist Kids

  • Equity Not Diversity: Engaging and Leading Anti-Oppression Work in Schools

  • Dangerous Diversity: How Diversity Events and other Inclusion Initiatives Can Hurt

  • We Don't Give Students Voice: Creating Space for Student Voice and Power in Schools

  • Humanizing Pedagogy: Rethink and Replace Policies and Practices in your Classroom and School


Please contact Amber for:

  • large group professional development and small group workshops

  • program design

  • ongoing coaching of professionals, organization leaders, educators, and administrators

  • evaluation of intercultural competence of individuals and groups using the IDI

  • keynote presentations

"Amber came to speak about Equity Literacy to a group of high school students at the Colorado Youth Congress and, frankly, blew them away. She was incisive, thoughtful, and spot on in her analysis of diversity, equity and inclusion in the education sector. The kids left inspired and ready to tackle issues of DEI at their schools and in their community. Am so grateful to Amber for her time and expertise!"  
--Sam Battan, Founder
Colorado Youth Congress
"I can say with certainty that out of my entire collegiate and post-collegiate education, [Amber's] class has impacted me the most. As an undergraduate business major, I was not particularly passionate about my coursework; it was simply the course to be run. I have always had a critical eye and questioned the status quo, but was never actively encouraged to do so. [Her] course not only exposed me to great educational writers, thinkers, and ideas, but also uncovered a future career path and inspired my reinvestment in education."
--Julianne Herhold, Graduate Student, University of Colordao Denver
"For Amber to be such a 'rock star' as an emerging equity consultant, she walks very humbly. In doing so she is very disarming and has a gift for connecting with people where they are. I believe this is important for building trust so people can speak their truths.... Another quality of Amber’s is to see an issue from the 30,000 foot level, yet penetrate it from the ground up....Her powerful stories gives rise to her ability to socially analyze always reading between the lines to understand who is winning, who is losing, who has power and who is being disenfranchised, and a knack for differentiating historical events that create today’s inequities. Amber believes that one cannot imagine equity without understanding inequity."
--Hal Colston,
Deeper Learning Equity Fellow, Cohort 1
Director, Partnership for Change, VT
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