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Claiming Our Space: a Retreat for Women to Explore Identity, Oppression, and Healing

Facilitated by: Amber K. Kim, PhD & Val Day-Sánchez, MA


June 22-26, 2019

Chaa Creek Luxury Resort

San Ignacio, Belize


In a world of #TimesUp and #MAGA, it is hard to ignore that women are targets of violence and oppression. For many, it has become consuming and draining to recall and reflect on our #metoo moments.


It has also become evident that the most vulnerable of women are those who identify as gay, trans*, and/or of color. In order for us to heal and promote justice for all women, we need to claim our space! We must come together to learn with and from each other.


This 5-day retreat is an act of self-care that challenges women to confront their identities, biases, and experiences with sexism/racism. It develops equity literacy and authentic allies who know how to respond and act in the face of "isms." It encourages women to know themselves and become confidently and unapologetically anti-oppressive all while exploring and learning from Belizean culture.

You will walk away with:

  • authentic relationships and a cohort of women to support and nourish each other. 

  • a lens and vocabulary of anti-oppression to better engage in discussions with friends, co-workers, and family

  • the ability to recognize and respond to micro-aggressions

  • a new sense of personal boundaries and self-care strategies

  • a definition of allyship that allows you to take action when you get home

  • a full belly


This retreat will challenge you to:

  • discuss and process your experiences with sexism, racism, etc. 

  • dive into--and own--all parts of your identity including the parts that are oppressed and the parts that are privileged.

  • confront your biases about yourself and others.

  • create opportunities & "hold the door" for other marginalized people.

  • take risks, relax, and have fun.

self care.jpg

Your Retreat Experiences

Good Food. Meals are included.

Whole group learning sessions with provocative readings, discussion, and activities to challenge your thinking and encourage your anti-oppression development.

Quiet and stillness.

Resort activities including swimming, canoeing, tubing, night hiking, spa*, horseback riding*, and nature reserve trails.

One off-site excursion with dinner out using a local tour guide.

Affinity group time.

Opportunities for self-reflection.

Welcome gifts to nourish your body and mind.

Skilled facilitation from dynamic, smart, compassionate, anti-oppression educators.

*Not included in workshop cost: international flights, travel insurance, transportation to Chaa Creek (this can be arranged for the group as participants make their travel plans), personal expenses, alcoholic drinks.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amber or Val.

Hope to meet you soon!

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