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Raising Anti-racist and Anti-sexist Kids

SE Denver 

Saturday, TBD

Our children experience, witness, and enact racism and sexism in a variety of spaces as they grow. Whether they are on the playground, watching their favorite YouTube star, or scrolling through social media, children today are subjected to overt and subtle racist and sexist messaging. Without intervention and guidance, our kids are at risk of acting out racist and sexist messages they have internalized. Just as you helped them learn to read books, you also have an opportunity to help them read and respond to the injustices in this world. Too often, though, parents do not know where to begin. This seminar is a great starting point!


This 3-hour seminar provides space, support, and tools for parents seeking to raise kids who are anti-racist and anti-sexist. It provides parents tools to navigate the "isms" of the world with your children, and it connects you with a community of parents who are also interested in this work. With the proper guidance and age-appropriate strategies, you can raise children to be an active part of the solution and not part of the problem. 


This seminar is interactive. It uses engaging videos, thought provoking readings, and emotional images. There will be discussion and space to voice your concerns and hear about your specific fears and struggles. In addition to your questions, the seminar will address these:


  • What is Equity Literacy and why do my kids need it?

  • What age do I start?

  • What is the difference between racism and bullying?

  • How do I discuss #metoo or #TimesUP?

  • What is the difference between raising Non-Racist vs. Anti-racist/sexist kids?

  • What are age appropriate strategies and resources for working with my children?

  • What can I do when I do not know what to do?

  • When is a halloween costume racist? Why?

  • Does reverse racism exist?

Registration Coming Soon
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