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Redefining Inequity/Equity

Equity is a big buzz word in education, but what does it really mean? This August I presented at two different network conferences aiming to energize and prepare educators for the upcoming school year. This session helped educators redefine the often used term "Education Equity" and understand that it is no longer enough to prepare students to merely succeed in an unjust world; instead, we must also prepare students to see and challenge the injustices that undergird our society with a fully intact, positive socio-cultural identity. Therefore, this workshop posited that educators need to ensure two very specific student outcomes: 1.) Positive socio-cultural identity and 2.) Equity literacy in addition to ensuring academic achievement. The first half of the workshop had participants experience counter-narratives (in videos, images, and writing) and begin to understand the complexity of education inequity and see the oppression in our schools. The second half prepared educators to move to action in their own schools using the work of Gorski, Solorzano & Delgado-Bernal, Nieto, Valenzuela, and Ladson-Billings. Participants left with several frameworks, protocols, activities, readings, and videos to use with students and colleagues. This session served as an important first step in the journey to create and sustain equity-driven education environments.

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