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Equity Literacy for Denver Middle Schools

Equity Literacy

Equity Literacy is the ability to see, respond to, and redress inequity and oppression around us. For two middle schools in Denver, Equity literacy is an emerging focus for educators and students. Last November (and this April) I gave a presentation to middle schoolers and their teachers on Equity Literacy as the other imperative literacy needed to be successful in school and society. Using engaging videos like Facundo the Great and #LikeAGirl, I aim to help students understand what it means to see oppression, to respond to it in the moment and, lastly, to change it and eliminate the inequities in society. In this presentation, students explore the differences between covert and overt oppression and the concept of intersectionality all through the use of images, current events, and video clips that are appropriate—and relevant to—middle school students. This presentation can serve as a stand alone, but is most beneficial as a kick-off to deeper (and ongoing) equity literacy coaching and equity work in a school.

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