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"Making Equity More than a Buzz-Word": a learner's reflection and invitation

Below is the link to Mattea Juengel's reflection on the "Equity is NOT a Buzz-Word" session I designed and facilitated for the SRI Winter Meeting in Denver CO. In her blog post, Mattea outlines in detail many of the main teachings and tools I used. She begins her piece by saying:

"The delightful Amber Kim presented a variety of research, videos and activities designed to push educators from across the country to think more deeply about what equity really means. Additionally, she provided practical, academically grounded approaches that encourage educators to build a system of education that increases academic achievement for students, while equipping them with equity literacy and positive socio-cultural identity. Before even attending the conference, I knew that the session was going to push beyond the typical conversation around equity based upon the thought-provoking article we were asked to read before the session. While it is impossible to capture all of the amazing things shared in today's session, I hope to share some of my major take-aways in this post."

Please read the full post (which provides many resources) here:

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