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Getting Clear on Antiracist Curriculum

What is the difference between a diverse curriculum, an inclusive curriculum, and an antiracist curriculum? That is exactly what I will talk about during my keynote address for EduCurate's conference on October 1 titled, "Committing to Antiracist Curriculum and Instruction." Register here.

We've always needed an antiracist curriculum. Instead, for hundreds of years we have had a curriculum that centers White America and White Americans. It was written by white Americans and sold to districts and schools that were staffed by white leaders and white teachers. And it was taught to both white students and students of color. As a result, both groups of children learned that white folks--their history, their language, their literature--were "right" and important.

We've always needed it, but the time to create and adopt antiracist curriculum is now. This curriculum is not only for students of color. It is for all students so that all children can learn and reconcile an unbiased history, a history where white folks aren't the only heroes. A literature that is written by and centers the lives of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). A math that tells the truth, the truth about women and people of color's role in creating what we now understand to be high level "math." And, most importantly, a curriculum that teaches kids to see injustice and fight it.

Register now and get clear on what antiracist curriculum is! Also see #Diversifyournarrative for a petition and resources.

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